Healthy food

We ate healthy this moring.
Puas hati...
After this,I must go to the gym and workout.Past weekend,makan tak berhenti when balik kampung.hehe
Ok sambil dok duduk having breakfast ramai foreigners kat sini...hubby commented...Entah entah they all ni baya you aje...But disebabkan kulit putih..tu nampak tua...hehe..I ni dah tua la yang...You can say it to my face.I love being this age.Because I dont feel that I am in my 4 series k!! Jiwa and hati muda lah...thats the way to go.

Done workout,relaxed,basuh baju,now doing the second load.
Menyusun kotak kotak ke once place in the middle of the house.nak kemas lagi,tengok tengok apa boleh dibuang or recycle.
Well boleh shut eye too hihihi

After my  workout, I plan to clean and sort the house.Insya Allah in 2 weeks time,everything will be settled in the new house and we will move by then.
Dah sampai sana nanti,nak unpack and declutter again.

Petang nanti nak pergi cari notebook for Lil one.Hopefully after that shall go dinner before going to dance class.


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