High blood

2days ago my pressure went up.I was immediately put on medication by my dr.
Immediately too,I see what I eat.
I googled everything about high blood and changing our eating habits.

I have to also control my moodiness.learning process begins.


Uncle Lee said…
Hello Ibu, sorry read about your present health.
Have you tried drinking Chinese green tea?
Check it out.
My wife and I drink it lima, enam cups a day....

Why moody? Jangan. Stress not good....relax....tengok TV ke go for walks....and avoid makan chepat or fastfood, ha ha.
Wishing you well.
Uncle lee,tq
I just need to change my diet. Andshare la apa brand itu tea?
I x suka makan cep at hihihi
Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, there are hundreds of types of Chinese green tea.
Today in US, Canada, orang putehs too have started to drink Chinese green tea.

Chinese green tea has lots of benefits, among them, slimming...as it takes away the oil from oily foods.

I buy the following, to me, the best, but again, subject to individual tastes.
1/ Pi Loh Chun,

2/ Temple of Heaven, special gunpowder. No, it's not gunpowder, minum boleh meletup, ha ha.
Its because the tea leaves rolled up looks like gun powder.

3/ Japanese Sen Cha....

4/ Lung Ching, Dragon well Chinese green tea.

What I do is buy 2 kinds, Japanese Sen Cha and one of the above Chinese Green tea, and everyday alternate....
My wife and I drink no less than 5, 6 cups a day...

Ibu, try it....within a week, you will feel good...
Check out about Chinese green tea, you'll be amazed at its heath benefits, preventing cancer is one.

Have a nice weekend, simpan satu lagu dalam hati, and watch out for old coconuts. Ha ha.
Thanks uncle lee,baru nampak ini reply

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