driving pass

Everywhere we drive we see posters and banners and buntings scattered.
But they say in Bangsar its like pesta bendera.
I have yet to go and see.
Today I even saw one car with a sticker on it.


Al-Manar said…
If you make a trip to my part of the world, East Coast, you will enjoy watching the way they display their political skill. You have given me an idea to post some local scenes. Thank you.
Hi almanar.
Yes that was what my friend said.
I am waiting for your post on local scenes.
Uncle Lee said…
Hello Ibu, past one month Malaysia one of the main causes of global warming, with all that hot air coming from politicians.
Few months back was US.
Anyway, Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently and all for the same reason.
You have a nice day,
Ha ha uncle Lee
And now the storm is here.
Real storm. Raining almost everyday

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