mother's day

Happy mothers day to my mom blogger friends.
Well I didnt shop LV. I just snapped the words.
Looking at the words pun I dah happy. Ha ha

Hubby and I had a dating moment at lunch.We lepak santai minum tea minum coffee makan sashimi and berbagai bagai lagi.

I enjoyed our santai session.

After that we went to buy mom a gift and dad's birthday present.
Got back home gave it to mak..she said " laaaa kenapa bazir duit" 
Typical of my mom.
She never want us to spend .She is not a big spender pun.
That is my mom.
Even when she wants something she doesnt buy on impulse. She will dream about it first.
Dad always said to his kids..."I have a very low maintanence wife"

Ha ha

Anyway a tribute to my mom
I love you for everything you've given me since you gave birth to me...I am thankful to have a mother like you mak.May ALLAH bless you always.


maklang said…
assalamualaikum...teringin nak tengok yr face:)
Waalaikumsalam maklang....
Biarlah rahsia...hihi

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