Been a week since I updated my blog.

I realised if I go out to the shopping centers I tend to buy and buy.
I dont like the feeling but I seem to buy what pleases me
This must stop as I told myself way back that I dont want to spend money like water.
I guess its nicer to stay home and not spend money.heh

Lil one is in a process of growing up.
She is in her own world..."maa I dont want to go out, maa I want to stay home, maa can you just ask dad to tapau so that we dont have to go out? "

That is lil one in her staying home phase.
I know I am lucky she doesnt like to go out spend money but since we dont have a maid we dont leave her on her own...so sometimes its headache and chaos melayan kerenah anak dara.

Well that is my daily stories.
Will come back for more

Mid term holiday dok diam diam.


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