Normal routine on a saturday
Sent lil one to dance class and here I am sitting at breakfast.
With a book. A different book.
Its me time and how I appreciate times like this when I can read with coffee to enjoy.

Last week I finished one of Jane's other book.
It is such an easy read that I read it in the car, in the toilet and on the bed.
Ha ha I love books I told you.

After this I am going window shopping. Just hope I dont go into the bookstore. Ha ha

I have 3 books to finish before I go book shopping again.

Later I am going to tapau lunch for penghuni rumah.
Saturdays are spent lazing at home but after that will go dating with husband.
Spend a few hours outside with him and talk about everything and anything.

Have a great Saturday.
Happy early mothers day to moms who drop by.


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