3rd day sahur

Wokeup before my alarm rang at 4am.

Aching body. Grumpy mood but goreng ikan bawal and telur goreng.
Soup from last night

Eaten and washed the dishes.
Now having our coffee and relaxing before imsak

I think I am going to shut eye after suboh.
Rest well before cooking for buka pulak.

Last night before bed I was googling marthastewart.com
To inspire me.
I want to clean , declutter and organized.
Love reading ideas from her website.
I used to be so rajin follow her tips
Must start again.

We will see if I have the mood to organise my bookshelf when I wake up .
Hope I dream about minimalism and bangun inspired

Oh I also checked when I started this blog.
Been 5 years!!!

I managed to sort solat stuff into one bin, socks into another bin, underwear in one bin.
Feeling so organised and what an accomplishment

In my head I said I must go get more bins.
Feeling so inspired


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, ha ha, alarm clock ada jalan? Ok, so no need to buang Sungei Gombak.
Why Martha Stewart and not Nigella? Nigella tu lagi exciting.
Buku belum bacha lagi?
You read Dr. Zhivago?
Hey, nice breakfast.

Send me telegram if you masak ikan chincharu sumbat sambal, sambal belachan, udang masak nanas lemak.
Lala rebus chelop chillie sauce.
Have a nice day.
Hehe today bangun before alarm clock bunyi. So good eh.
Nigella ada organizing tips kah? I thought dia masak saja.
I was looking for organizing and simplifying tips:)
I havent googled about Dr zhivago.hehehe

By the time send telegram lauk pun basi nanti
BUNDA a.k.a KN said…

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