back home

What a tiring getaway.
But satisfied with all the visits and walking around.
Hubby said next time we must stay longer.
Well its just a getaway before ramadhan begins.
I learned so many things about Singapore .Where to eat halal food.How to ride a tram within sentosa compound. How its really tiring to walk and walk in a theme park with a hot weather.

We have been to Disneyland Paris so many times in winter we loved the walks in the cold. We have also been to Gold Coast so many times during winter and summer but we prefer winter
So the next theme park we go to must be in winter too

We prefer to travel during winter because living near the equator we have enough hotness as it is.

I have never been to the america's theme park.Would love to go.
Must go with people with kids so that my lil tween dont feel so alone.

Would also love to go to Japan's theme park as well as Hong Kong.

We will see how our budget goes.

Upon reaching home hubby straight went to work...he said " must work hard because we love to travel" h a h a

I shall go now and put lil tween to bed.


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, next holidays, go see the Aurora Borealis in Canada's Yukon or Yellow knife. That would be something totally different to Theme parks.
And fun too...stay in a Teepee or wooden heated comfortable cottage, see the unusual lights. Very few have seen this.
Hi uncle lee
Yes.i want to.
Nanti I will ask you more when I dah beli flight ticket.
Ohhh I love travelling.

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