day 10

SOmetimes a mom have to do what a mom have to do.
Macam macam style melayan anak berpuasa.
Sahur awal sahur lewat.
But I noticed lil tween senang puasa, syukur alhamdulillah.
Bukan nak memuji anak sendiri but so far so good.
Dari kecik memang senang:)

My springcleaning masih berjalan lancar.
Next week ada people coming in to do some renovation work so next week I will busy manduring.

Must remind self tomorrow as I come down to bring all unwanted stuff into the car to recycle.

Since its day 10 boleh lah cerita pasal baju raya.
None. Nada!! No preparation this year.
Sure last minute punya.
But as usual we are simple family
Just for lil tween...
Hubby and I we will recycle baju lama.

Oh lampu raya belum lagi.

Just now I heard orang orang kat kampung ni main mercun. Aik too early aint it.

Oklah I am tired.

Goodnight my blogreaders;)

*Lil tween woke hubby up. Second time this ramadhan...sahur sahur quick daddy...
I continued to doze off for a while.Then I was awaken by lil tween's calling...mummy wake up sahur...sahur..
Ya ya mummy rushed bangun...
Look at the clock its 4.33am
 I wondered what time lil tween woke up.

Goreng telur buat air panas...hidang lauk. Duduk makan basuh pinggan...alhamdulillah .*

*its almost 3 pm .
Work in progress.
I was cleaning some handbags and found some euros and sing dollars. happy.

All longchamps folded and hanged.
Yay progress

*buka puasa hubby tapau today.
He got popiah basah today.

Other lauk was saltless.

We went to curve just now.Window shopping.
The place wasnt crowded. Luckily.

After that went to tapau food


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