day 16

Just made myself a mug of nescafe.
Waiting for hubby to bring home sahur.
I just put a bag of recycle stuff into the car.
Tomorrow I must recycle
 Yay the mood is back.

Woke up to the news of the name of the baby prince.
I like the name. Gives a sense of royalty.

Kate and William sure is beaming with joy right now.

Woke up sneezing all the way.
Few nights ago both hubby and I headache.
Now this?
Argh.nOt good.

My aim was to get up at 7. To get ready and go out run errands. But noooo didnt happen.
I am spring cleaning .Hoping to find more stuff to recycle.


Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, waa, ada mood juga, ha ha.
What about 'In the mood for love' like that song? Ha ha.
Have a nice day.
ps, you tdid not cook for buka puasa or alarm clock on strike?
Ha ha
BUkan alarm clock on strike.
Ini orang on strike.
Very tiring to cook daily ha ha ha

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