day 4

ToDaY lil tween woke us up.
I think more about wanting to play the ipad .
After that the alarm went off
I snoozed it for half an hour.
Done makan now ritual coffee and tea session till imsak.

Gonna sleep in till 9 before having to get up and send lil tween to her dance class.good that her class is still on because at least she exercises :)
Mummy dia je belum start exercise this year.Hehe

After sending her I hope to go to Ikea to buy more bins.Yay
And then balik to start working on the other side of my wardrobe pulak.
Was reading again from Leo about the zen way of living.
Its so peaceful living minimally.

Ok. Lights off.

Its july 13th due date for royal baby.
Cannot wait to read the news of the upcoming birth.
So excited.

Yes our family is a fan of the Royal British monarchy.
Since Princess Diana married Prince Charles.

Buka puasa at unique seafood.


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