Day 5

We just got back in and I just cooked rice.
GOing to sahur a little earlier  today as we are all exhausted from the lack of sleep yesterday

AMboi tv blarring so loudly.lil tween is on the ipad.Hubby playing game and I am yawning away.
Sahur lauk lala , asam pedas, omelette and spinach soup.
Good night and good morning.

Slept in and woke up about 2 hours ago.
Looked at my handbags I took out yesterday.
To dust and store it where I can change it often.

They are all sleeping in and I shall wake them up in a bit.

Lil tween have dancing class
And after that I want to come home and sort my stuff.
Spring cleaning.
To see less stuff in the wardrobe makes me feel so at ease.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

Went to bazaar ramadhan as hubby teringin popiah basah.
Salivating thinking about it.But dah habis popiah.
Kesian hubby.

So here we are at the restaurant waiting for buka


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