day 9

We received so much food . Alhamdulillah
For sahur .
Ate our sahur .

After this I am going to continue clearing or just play candy crush :)
Ha ha ha.
Well it was chilly last night.
It rained heavily and the wind blowing strongly.

Today as I wake up I feel like rushing back under my comforter and continue to zzz but I have so many errands to run.

 I need to go to the postoffice.
I need to go to the shop
 Need to go to the laundry.
Need to continue spring cleaning.
Need to continue sorting my bookshelf.
Need to see what to cook for buka and what to cook for sahur.
Need to everything lah.

Here is a quote. : Less is more

Buka puasa at home. We ate simplest today.

After that we went to the shop to cari baju for lil tween need to use next week.But tak jumpa.
So we went to the bookstore

Lil tween love books just like I do. But because yesterday she just got two books from mom and dad today pergi browsing aje.

Nanti esok lusa I will take picture of lil tween's bookshelf.

As usual as we reach home I will cook sahur.


rezeki said…
salam ibu,mommy,mom

hehehe kalau saya tak payah gi noreh pepagi kan best

tapi kalau tak noreh , sapa nak bagi makan hehehe

sahur saya just take quaker oat dan mak itam sekeping dua roti whole meal tu

buka dan sahur berdua ni kira dah hampir 5 tahun juga, kalau son of gun balik , baru meriah sikit

Hehehe pak.
Rumah ni kena sahur nasi sebab ada lil tween.

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