first day ramadhan

I didnt hear my alarm clock.
Hubby woke me up and said "sahur" "sahur"
I quickly jump out of bed. Heat up the food I cooked last night
He woke lil tween up and yes luckily sempat bersahur this morning.

ALarm clock why didnt you wake me up?

Lesson for me. Sleep earlier

Waiting for the cleaner to come.
Cannot wait for clean house fresh sheets and spick and span shiny floor


Al-Manar said…
Do you really have full sahur or just a cup of somethingt and toasts?
Uncle Lee said…
Hi Ibu, long time ago when I was around 7 years old living in Malacca, next to a was during puasa time, around 5.30am there would be shouts of "sahur" everywhere.
I guess waking up neighbours and friends buka puasa.

And I remember in my early teens, playing football, we would lose as 2 of our Malay friends puasa, not playing. They were good.
And also I would beat them at badminton, ha ha.
Hey! Retire that alarm clock! Go get one that sounds like a Firetruck, ha ha....
Selamat puasa.
Full sahur because ada lil tween ;)
Haha uncle lee...sahur is makan pagi.
Buka puasa is at maghrib.

Remembering olden days sure bring a smile kan.

Alarm is from my phone .usually it works

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