4th day raya

Woke up early went down to find food.
FOund sambal goreng and had that for breakfast.
Now having my nescafe and apple juice while reading some blogs.
Lepas ni nak makan ubat.
Yes.down and out.

Lil tween had the best raya this time as she was invited to quite a few open houses.
Dah besar dah anak dara tu enjoying her raya.

ALways a blessing to have close friends.because at home she is sunyi being the one and only.
So we let her be with her friends.
May Allah shower her with good hearted friends in her course of life.
May she be good hearted person to her friends too.

They are all still sleeping. Yes I know its Sunday but its still raya lah. Bangunlah cepat.

Dont know what my parents have plan for today though.


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