day 28

 I cleaned the kitchen and sahur early tonight.
Lil tween bertambah nasi .hmm.she's really growing .
I can see especially this ramadhan that she is shooting up in height .

Waiting for the laundry to be done before heading upstairs to sleep.
I washed all the kain buruk.
So it will be wangi and harum semerbak.

Woke up with high expectations.
Wanna clear up a few baskets of clothes.I had an idea I will sort the clothes by basket.
Want, dont want ;)

Went downstairs and feeling so happy because it is spotless.
That made my day.

Later will need to go to the grocery shop to stock up on aerated water.
Nothing much.

And then I promised lil tween today we will go pamper ourselves before picking up our fresh and clean baju raya at the laundry.

Tonight after buka will teman hubby go get his stuff songkok and sampin.
A kl boy always wait till the last minute to shop.Haha!!

After buka update : hubby said too lazy to go out tonight.
So we went to pick up our fresh laundered baju raya and came home.


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