In the car driving listening to the radio.
I love all the songs playing.
As I am looking for a place to eat as most restaurants I frequent  are closed for the hari raya...
I am reminiscing my youth.
What a wonderful time of my life.
Very energetic and full of life.
It was an easy peasy life alhamdulillah.
Music was such a big part of my growing up years.

 Wonder what happened to my friends all those years ago.

As I was driving just now I saw the orange recycle box.
I forgot to bring what I wanted to recycle.hmmm.
Nevermind. LATER.

Came back home I starting purging my wardrobe.
Feeling inspired by reading a mums blog on minimalism.
I am on fire. I know I can do this.
Feeling so good when I go through the clothes one by one.Not going to have a sentimental value on clothes anymore.
Be it my my clothes, hubby's clothes or lil tween's clothes.
I am going all out.

Next I am going to continue reading that lady's blog and take charge on the next item.


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