unpack to pack

TOday is the day I clean and wash.
I washed some clothes from the holiday set
Am going to unpack the winter clothings from my vacuum pack and see what need to be washed and pack it all up again for the next winter holidays.
I guess after travelling only in winter season made us have enough winter clothings for the next few years...
I am a happy trooper:)

I have put aside all new clothings with tags still intact on the side.
As soon as I go through the old set of clothes once again I will organise the new set into the wardrobe.

Love this feeling


Uncle Lee said…
Hello Ibu, how you? Missed you. No wonder la, you clocking up air milage sini sana.
Others travel in Summer, you in winter, ha ha. But yes, see something others don't.
It's september now, won't be long we get snow again.
Jangan lupa put some mothballs in the cupboard, ha ha.
Have a nice day.
Hi Lee:)
Yes was busy collecting mileage ha ha.
Oh wow bestnya snow

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