Laundry day.
Since i dont have a dryer yet.
I hangdry my clothes.
Dah buat two loads.
Waiting for the load to dry

Sambil tu found inspiration from "cleanaholic" so tengah dejunk all nonsense

Do you know how stuff accumulate?
For me its those tiny little things.

Hotel shampoos and what not
Receipts of purchases
Boarding passes
Plastic bags
And paper clutter.
That is why it seems neverending.

At the back of my head i said senang je. Boleh kemas bila bila masa but then when it is accumalating. Banyaklah jadinya.

So ni tengah duduk sorting stuff one by one.
How i wish i can just dump em straight into the garbage bags.
Garbage bag jangan marah...scented hokay!!! :)

See even when I holidaying garbage bag pun i beli

But you know these stuff are biodegradable.
Ok kot.

We also have bern using shampoo and sabun hotel.
Habiskan cepat .asyik simpan terperuk je.

Ok doki. Continuing my dejunking now.


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